Who is CoronaVirusNewsFeeds.com?

Hi!  We are the owners of ILJ Mail and we, like everyone else, are concerned about what is going on right now.  We are looking for information on the virus and how to keep sane during this time of a pandemic. 

As we were looking for good sources of information, we wanted headlines all in once place to glance at and to be able to see the new statistics, etc.   We decided it would be good to have a website and share it with others! 

Here you will find automated newsfeeds from the top news sources (U.S. based) that are, at this writing, mostly about the COVID-19 coronavirus.  If we need to change our newsfeeds to narrow down the focus, we will.  We hope to keep down any “sensationalist” news but we can’t control what is shown all the time. 

Please use good browsing practices while on this website as most content is embedded from sources we do not control.  See our privacy policy for more information on that.

All links open in new tabs so you can easily come back here to check the list for more that you want to read.

We hope to add more resources as the days wear on so keep checking back.  

We hope that you like what we have put together!  This gives us a sense of purpose in these uncertain times so if you can also benefit from it, that is our goal!