Infographic: The Vital Importance of Social Distancing | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Information Links

FEMA Rumor Control – Check here for truth to those rumors you hear but wonder if they are right.

CDC COVID-19 Information – official information from the Centers for Disease Control

WHO – World Health Organization information page

How to find coronavirus information by state – US News made a list of each state’s information page. 

COVD-19 FAQ – This is a good general resource of frequently asked questions recently published by the state of New Jersey.

Watch Out For Scams! – This article at EFF is an in depth look at how scammers take advantage of people online and through messaging during times like this.

Statistics and Maps

Worldometer – A live look at the numbers of sick and recovered patients around the world.

Johns Hopkins University Map – an interactive map of the world and where the virus has spread


Print Resources and Fact Sheets

CDC Print Resources – printouts to give out or hang on the wall

Helpful Pages from UAB:

Helpful Videos